30 New Blogs I built

2012 was a very busy year here at http://timetomonetize.com, because we just put 30 new blogs on line. We are looking forward to sharing the content and awesome products we promote with the over fifteen thousand visitors we have had the pleasure to get to serve this year.

I didn’t announce it at the beginning of 2012 because I thought it might skew the results But, now I can share my findings with you. I’m proud to announce http://timetomonetize.com is one of my TEST BLOGS. The other is http://monetizeyoursleep.com.

I’ll be sharing with you the many things I learned about Google and the other search engines. Much of this will surprise you. Because it will give you very creative ideas on what to do to please the search engines.

I’d like to say a special thank you to the several hundred visitors that posted their comments. I emailed everyone of you to explain I wasn’t allowing people to post comments because their comments and website links introduced an unknown variable into the research I was doing.

The 30 New Blogs I just put online sell many products that will help you learn the many things you visit http://timetomonetize.com for. In the coming weeks and months of 2013 I will be making reference to many of these products and tell you how I use them to operate my business.































There you have it my friends please click these links and enjoy the fruits of much hard work by the people here at http://timetomonetize.com


How To Write A Good Article For Article Marketing

Learning how to write a good article for article marketing can be
fun, easy and very profitable for you when you get really, really
good at it.

It really is a lot like many other things, take golf for example,
hundreds of thousands of people play golf every year.

Yet only the one’s that take it seriously, who have taken the
time to study, learn and master the basics can do it easily,
effortlessly and profitably.

The point being that it may seem difficult and challenging
initially but after you have progressed pass the initial learning
curve it will take on a whole different meaning for you.

As you will see the basic steps to follow are simple, it’s the
continued use and application of these steps that will allow you
to reap the full benefits of article marketing.

Some of these benefits include things like

1.) Being perceived as an expert or authority in your field.

2.) Getting more organic links, from other site owners back to
your articles.

3.) Getting more targeted traffic to your site.

4.) Earning more sales and commissions.

Now that we know why we should invest the time and effort needed
to learn how to write a good article for article marketing, we
can now look at the basic steps to follow :

1.) All good marketing starts with good keyword research. – You
need to find good keywords to write about.  These should be
keywords that are getting a lot of searches but may not have a
lot of other well established sites already ranking for them.

Because new keywords are being created everyday, it is not that
difficult to find some really good key words to target.

2.) Next comes the actual keyword topic research. – Now you want
to do your research on the topic that you will be writing about,
so if for example you are going in the golf niche and your
keyword phrase is ‘left handed golf clubs’.

You would do your research to find useful and informative
information about that topic.

3.) Create your format and be sure that you have your seo factors
included. – You will find that it will be a lot easier for you if
you have a basic format to work from on each article.

For example your format could include the following outline

- An introduction, where  you will create interest in the reader.
This can be done by giving some background information about
yourself or the topic itself.

- The body of the article, where you will explain more about the
topic and include useful information that provides value to your

- Summary or conclusion, where you will share the benefits of the
reader clicking on your link to either get more free information
by signing up to your email list or visiting your website to
learn more about purchasing the product or service.

These are the basic 3 steps involved in learning how to write a
good article for article marketing.

By modifying and adapting them to fit your particular niche and
writing style, you too will be able to enjoy all of the benefits
that article marketing can provide you with.


You will not want to miss my next post. I’m going to go into detail what a good call to action is and how write one.